New Curiosity Path in the Brain Identified and its Potential Impact on Wellbeing

Beth E Lee MBA MSc
7 min readMay 19, 2021

Is the sky blue? What makes the wind blow? How do I fix the sink tap?

Does curiosity lead you? Or do you steer away from asking questions?

Photo by Simone Secci on Unsplash

Curiosity and The Brain

The Greater Good Science Centre has published several articles on how curiosity can lead to a happier life. Some of the benefits of curiosity include:

Knowing that curiosity positively impacts wellbeing, the question becomes, how does curiosity work in the brain? And can we harness this knowledge to enhance our curiosity in life to foster greater wellbeing? I believe the answer is Yes.

In a new research paper entitled “Brain Mechanism of Curiosity Unraveled”, researchers have found curiosity’s own path in the brain, giving us unique insight into how curiosity converts into action.



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