How do YOU define your SELF?

Beth E Lee MBA MSc
6 min readJan 12, 2021

A week into the new year and I’m busily working toward my goals. We’re in full lockdown here in Ireland, so that means I have to manage my kid's home-schooling activities as well. On Sunday night, I sat with three calendars, two notebooks and my laptop on the table making checklists and timetables.

This morning, however, I had a moment where I stopped and looked at myself and my two kids sitting around the kitchen table. Each of us “doing” work.

I stopped and had a moment of presence looking at my kids and my to-do list in front of me and asked myself — are these goals aligned with who I am? I can align my goals to my purpose (which I discussed here)and I use my values to drive my behaviour and tap my character strengths to positively move forward. (More on these to come…) But are my goals aligned with who I am? Then I asked myself - who am I?

Do you ever ask yourself this question??

Or better yet — if I asked you this question, how would you answer?

Who are you?

Go grab a piece of paper and write down the answer to this question… go….

( I’ve used this exercise with some of my clients. Throughout the rest of the article, you’ll learn ways to articulate your answer further.)



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