Have You Made Effective and Meaningful New Year Resolutions?

Beth E Lee MBA MSc
6 min readJan 5, 2022

I’ve been around for nearly 49 new years, of which the last say 40 of them, the discussion of resolutions has come up. People make them, break them, and some do nothing at all. I find resolutions exciting yet they can be deflating and exhausting. However, there is a way to use resolutions to create lasting change, which in the end is what we’re looking to do, right?

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Let’s start by looking at what a resolution is!

The definition of resolution is…

“a firm decision to do or not to do something”.

It doesn’t mean a goal or an objective or an accomplishment. It means to make a firm decision.

Now, of course, we can make decisions to define our goals and objectives and accomplishments. (I am making the decision to define my goal of losing weight!)

We can make a decision on how to achieve a goal, objective or accomplishment. (I am making the decision to achieve losing weight!)

But what if we looked at New Year Resolutions as personal development decisions and not goals, objectives or accomplishments themselves? (For example: I am making the decision to become a better cook so I can lose weight.)

The perspective is different and requires a different type of thinking skills…



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