Everyone knows someone who is a worrier. You, yourself, may be a worrier. Perhaps you have a high degree of neuroticism.

[Neuroticism here means having “ a tendency toward anxiety, depression, self-doubt, self-doubt, and other negative feelings.” — Psychology Today.]

Or you may be like me, someone who begins to worry when the stories in my head become intense or overwhelming. I spend a lot of time challenging my stories and have made friends with the worrier voice in my mind.

But if you haven’t made friends with your worrier voice, it doesn’t matter, we ALL know what it feels…

When we think of the term “wellbeing”, concepts such as work-life balance, happiness, friendship, health and wellness come into our mind. After all, isn’t that what life is about? Striving and succeeding in all those areas and more?

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When we talk about well-being, my mind immediately goes to defining what well-being means. However, instead of gaining clarity on what well-being means, I became frustrated and demoralised, trying to understand all that well-being encompasses.

I came across many definitions of the term “well-being”. …

There were over 30 students in the zoom room as I introduced myself to the hour long session. I had given lectures and taught psychology classes before, so there should be no reason why my Imposter Syndrome feeling was so strong.

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My tech had failed me so I had no notes going into this session but I continued, working really hard to remember my notes, going through the slides and “faking” it while the undercurrent feeling of failure stuck with me. …

I spent nearly 20 years in the event marketing business and now science finally supports all the crazy antics we used to make everyone feel included.

In my previous life, I was responsible for the content and marketing side of events, producing and marketing educational programmes. Throughout my corporate career, which took place over five countries, I learned a lot about what works when you bring people together and how to get people to interact and learn together around a specific goal or outcome. The foundation to all that collaboration and connection for me was what I called “positive vibes”.

Not Positive Vibes but Collective Identity

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This is my bag. After years of working in the corporate world where psychological safety was non-existent, ultimately paying a huge price with my mental health, I wanted to learn everything I could to flourish and thrive in work and life.

I did my Masters dissertation on Positive Psychology Interventions (PPIs) in the Workplace to see if the research really offered substantial results. I’m happy to say it did. It was during the 8 months of intense study on flourishing, thriving, and positive psychology that led me to NOW focus on psychological safety and overall wellbeing in the workplace.


I’m in a rut. Now that COVID restrictions are being lifted, I’m wondering what to do about work. I love working from home, but I miss people. So, I decided to relax and imagine my future.

What do I want it to look like? Who do I want to meet? What am I going to do?

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I imagined my future as a full-time writer. I imagined my office, in a new home, with a window looking out onto a large tree, with the sun shining. …

Is the sky blue? What makes the wind blow? How do I fix the sink tap?

Does curiosity lead you? Or do you steer away from asking questions?

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Curiosity and The Brain

The Greater Good Science Centre has published several articles on how curiosity can lead to a happier life. Some of the benefits of curiosity include:

Knowing that curiosity positively impacts wellbeing…

My first job out of University was working as an assistant Wedding Planner. I spent my school years working as a cocktail waitress and for my Aunt’s catering company, so I knew the events business pretty well at the age of twenty-two.

On a sunny Saturday in June, I arrived at the father-of-the-bride’s house, about 30 minutes outside Boston, in the wealthy suburb of Wellesley.

My main job was to get the bride and her father into the classic car and make sure they arrive at the church in the North End of Boston safely. But when the classic car…

In my 20’s, a lightbulb went off in my head. I grew up believing that travel and moving were difficult (and subconsciously, should not be undertaken). But there was a point when I asked my Mom about my Dad’s side of the family (my parents were divorced), she said something to the effect of, “oh, your Father’s side of the family liked to travel. Your grandmother liked to move around”. Even though I don’t remember the exact conversation, the lightbulb that arose from that conversation has stayed with me my entire life. SOMEONE in my family liked to travel.

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I am a writer first and foremost, but I am also a trained psychological coach, so I understand how to work with all types of individuals to help them thrive. The coaching industry is full of coaches like me who specialise in one type of coaching or another and who work helping individuals with their “leadership” skills. Some of us are independent, and some work alongside HR and L&D within big corporations. Either way, I would always recommend that if you want to enhance your leadership skills, get a coach…. but… science is telling us a new story.

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What Science?

A new…

Beth E Lee MBA MSc

Making sense of psychology and neuroscience research & applying it to wellbeing. www.TheMindInstitute.ie

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